Ocean Breeze School

101 Forest Avenue

Swampscott, Massachusetts


At Ocean Breeze School, we respect and recognize the individual needs of the children. Our school is concerned with your child’s social, emotional, educational, creative, and physical development. We feel all aspects are important and should be considered equally.

Our school group setting encourages children to learn an important social concept: respecting others and their rights in a situation that is separate and different from home. In this practical way, the school environment helps a child gain confidence as well as independence and readiness to go on and meet with future school success.

The goals of the Ocean Breeze School are:

                        ✎     Assure that individual needs of children are recognized and respected

                        ✎     Foster social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth

                        ✎     Provide individual, small, and large group experiences

                        ✎     Encourage creative expression

                        ✎     Develop positive attitudes toward learning


To Ocean Breeze School!! Ocean Breeze is a community service of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn.  Our EEC accredited programs strive to balance the excitement and celebration of learning with the safety and warmth of a nurturing environment. Ocean Breeze is proud of its continued reputation for excellence in education.